What is Second Mile Marriage?

Walking with couples to empower them to have radical healthy intimacy with each other and with God

Hurts and bad habits accumulate. If we aren’t intentional we can build resentment and distance with those we love. We often harbor our emotions instead of honing them. In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus talks about going an additional mile with someone when there is no desire to do so. He commands us to live second mile lives. How true this can be in marriage! How many people find themselves walking that second mile alone day after day? We all need someone to walk those additional steps with us. Perhaps there is something in that second mile for all of us. The mile we just don’t want to walk or have avoided. Or the mile that is simply undeserved. Learning to press in when everything says give up, or worse - this is as good as it gets. We have to believe there is something in that second mile for us - and for our marriages! If we would only learn to press in! That is what Second Mile Marriage is. It is a Second Mile way of life. Of learning to walk out healing and a radical intimacy that transforms the bonds of your marriage and leaves a legacy of love.

We believe in a second mile marriage and would be honored to come alongside your marriage’s Second Mile journey - no matter if you are in the first mile of your walk or miles away – you can have a Second Mile Marriage!

So, what is "Radical Intimacy?"


Radical Intimacy

What is Radical Intimacy?

The word “Intimacy” conjures up a myriad of thoughts and various definitions. Most commonly, a deep closeness between two people with some sort of sexual overlay. You may find yourself innately put off by the idea of a seminar that focuses on developing intimacy, and radical intimacy for that! In contrast, your soul might shout a little Yes! This is what we need! Regardless, intimacy has been unavoidable for you since birth. You are wired for intimacy. However, our upbringing, earliest attachments, and life experiences have either nurtured or neutered our capacity for healthy intimacy. Second Mile Marriage seeks to help individuals increase awareness of their own need for intimacy, therefore, helping couples cultivate the ingredients – vulnerability, openness, connection, and sexual identity development – of a radical intimacy. Radical intimacy shares without holding back and is rooted in a confidence that you are loved regardless.

who we are:

Adele is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, speaker, and therapist specializing in intimacy and relationships. Learn more about her at adelemartelle.com. Tony is a worship pastor, theologian, and recording artist. Learn more about him at tonymartelle.com. Together, they are a powerhouse couple with a heart for marriage.

They believe in a Second Mile Marriage and would be honored to come alongside your marriage’s second mile journey – no matter if you are in the first mile of your walk or miles away – you can have a Second Mile Marriage!


Our Favorite Book

Hands down our favorite read together is “A Severe Mercy” by Sheldon Vanauken. This story has shaped the way we love each other, the way we interact, and our overall philosophy of marriage. So profound is this story and we believe it will impact your life in powerful ways. Click the picture to read the …


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